Product Data - CSV/XML Streams

If you would like to integrate our products into your shop system, we provide you with categorized Product Data in various formats

CSV and XML Files

We provide you with all our products in the form of CSV or XML Files. After registration you can download everything in the download area.

Different Languages

Our Product Data and categories are currently available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Other Languages are in preparation.

Our Data is always up to date

Our Data is always up-to-date. As we produce everything "just-in-time", there are no problems with stockpile management and the products are always available in any quantity.

Product Categories

All our products are categorized and the corresponding categories are also available for download.

Simple and complex Products

Depending on your IT Knowledge and the possibilities of your shop system, different versions of our products are available. There are finished products in fixed sizes or products with variable formats. A picture upload for your own pictures is also available.

No IT Knowledge available?

Without IT Knowledge we recommend the use of our pre-configured and integrated shop system.