Vimando Dropshipping Shopify App

What does our free Shopify App offer?

Integration with our product catalog

Select from an attractive product range with over 20,000 wallpapers and canvas products

Integration with our order fulfillment system

You can request the fulfillment of our products right from inside the Shopify Admin.
The fulfillment is automatically imported to Vimando and is visible inside the App.

Widget for custom Wallpapers

The app includes a widget that allows customers to enter their specific wallpaper dimensions.

How does your Dropshipping-Store work


Required steps to get started

In the following steps describe how you can create and configure your own Shopify store. You will learn how to integrate our products with your own retail prices into your store and how to configure the Vimando Shopify App. At the end you will have a fully integrated Dropship store ready to start selling.

Step 1: Apply for a Vimando merchant account

Apply for a Vimando merchant account. Will will check our information and after a quick approval you will get access to the following information:

  • Product pricing conditions
  • Product data in various formats, currencies and languages
  • Shopify App Login
  • Reseller Shop access (for manual orders)

IMPORTANT: You need a valid VAT-ID for a EU member country.
Open registration form

Step 2: Open a Shopify Store

If you do not yet have a Shopify store, you can open a store by visiting the following link

You can test your store for 14 days free of charge and later decide on a price model. On the Shopify website and on YouTube, you will find a large community and countless tutorials and explanations about Shopify and the various options.

Step 3: Install the Vimando Shopify App

You can find our app on the Shopify App Store. The app is designed to integrate seamlessly into our dropshipping environment.
In the following sections you will learn how the app works and how to set it up.
Install Vimando Shopify App

Step 4: Configure Vimando Shopify App

  • Login inside the app with your Vimando merchant account

Step 5: Request Product data (receive download link via E-mail)

  • Request product data in the app
  • Product data can be requested several times
  • Product data will be sent to the merchant e-mail address with a download link
  • Product prices can be converted into your store currency
  • The retail prices can be increased with a multiplication factor

Step 6: Import product data / collections setup

  • Importing the product data
  • Two different product types: Canvas or Wallpaper.
  • Creation of own collections based on the existing product tags

Step 7: Wallpaper product setup

  • Wallpaper products require an additional setup
  • Vimando App Widget Script installation
  • Add a wallpaper made to measure to the cart
  • Theme code of the cart page can be modified to only show the selection of the customer (view docs link below)

Stepp 8: Vimando Fulfillment process

  • Order that contain products from Vimando can be submitted directly to Vimando from inside the Shopify Admin
  • The submitted orders are listed in the Vimando app.
  • Shipment notification e-mails with tracking links are automatically sent from Shopify to your customer
  • Order status is visible in the Vimando app.