Tax informations


Vimando AG has its headquarters in Switzerland. However, we deliver from Germany and pay VAT in Germany, all purchases made are subject to German and EU law, as well as other legal regulations concerning international transactions. The sales system is subject to German law, i.e. all sales transactions are deemed to have been made in Germany.

The following rules apply

For customers based in Germany

We charge you the statutory VAT of 19% on our net prices. The VAT of 19% will be added to your shopping cart. Vimando AG reports its turnovers to the German tax office and pays the sales tax owed there.

Unsere UST-ID: DE308942782

For customers based in any other EU country (excluding Germany)

Vimando AG has its tax domicile in Germany and the Settlement company must have an intra-community VAT identification number, all purchases from companies based in an EU country with an (intra-community) VAT ID number are exempt from paying VAT. Therefore it is necessary that our system checks the validity of your VAT ID number.